Let Customers Inside Your Business, Anywhere, Any-time, Any Device!

Google Business View allows customers to see inside your Business from the comfort of their own seat, at any time of day, without the need to stand up and physically visit you! The latest product launched by Google combines innovation and creativity, which when combined together, bundles to produce the wonderful piece of technology – Google Business View.

A spin on the already existing Street View technology, Google Business View is designed by Google to give your customers enhanced viewing when searching for your business online. By targeting the interior spaces of your business, Google Business View allows you to showcase the inside of your business, which is ideal if you feel you have a lot to offer and you want your customers to see this online. Some examples of businesses for whom this might work would be Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Hairdressers, Offices, Showrooms, Clubs, Venues, or even Theme Parks!

Google Business View gives your potential customers a look inside to see who you are before they even contact you. This is a world where customers can hand-pick their table at your restaurant, before they even call to make an advanced reservation… genius!

What is Google Business View?

Google Business View is, in Layman’s terms, a virtual tour of your business location. Business View 4 U will send Google Trusted Photographers to your place of work, capturing every angle of a 360-degree rotation using still and panoramic shots, before stitching the photo’s together using advanced digital craftsmanship. Once complete your virtual tour can be see at anytime, from anywhere in the world!

Why Business View?

There’s various reasons why you should consider Google Business View for your place of work.

Imagine a fully immersive user experience, similar to the Google Street View format. The panoramic shots can truly showcase your location, giving customers the opportunity to see inside through an engaging tour. This in itself can prove to be invaluable as you seek to gain new business and revenue.

Your Google Business View can be seen directly through search results on Google by attaching it to your Google+ page. This is an excellent marketing tool, and in the past has proven to give businesses the edge over their competitors.

With FREE hosting too through Google Maps, your Google Business View is a cost-effective way of increasing online exposure.

Case Study

See below a careful selection of our favourite success stories of Google Business View. All you need to do is watch the short clips and see how other UK businesses have benefited from this latest advancement in technology.

Leekes Department Store

Business View has helped to boost foot traffic to the store by 20% year over year.

View Case Study (PDF)

NYC Restaurant Week

On average, restaurant listings that included Business View had a 30% higher click-through rate to reservations.

View Case Study (PDF)

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs experienced a 50% increase in click-through rate from Google search to its site since publishing Business View.

View Case Study (PDF)

Where Can Business View Be Seen?

Search Results

Enter your Business View Tour directly through Google Search results. Gain new exposure through the World’s most popular searching tool.

Google Maps & Street View

Potential customers can take the virtual tour through Street View and Google Maps, almost as if they were at your place of work.

On Any Device

Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, you name it. Google Business View can be viewed on it. As well as a variety of Google Apps.

Your Website

The question most people ask is: “Can Google Business View be seen through my website?”. The simple answer is YES.

Facebook Pages

Facebook has a developer mode, where your Business View can be ideally embedded. Perfect for Social Media Marketers.

Email Signature

Attach Google Business View to the bottom of your emails so that anyone who receives an email from you can take the virtual tour.

Examples of Google Business View

How Much Will Google Business View Cost Me?

Depending on the size of your business location, depends on how much much Google Business View will cost you. Give us some measurements so that we can establish whether your business is small, medium, or large and we can determine your price based upon this.

With a ONE OFF COST, Google Business View is extremely cost effective, with no running monthly costs. After your virtual tour has been built and up and running, there are NO HIDDEN COSTS. This means people can enjoy your Google Business View without the need for you to break the bank.

Contact us today and we can give you a FREE no obligation quote in no time at all. One of our Google Trusted Team will happily answer any questions you have in regards to pricing and process.

What to expect? (The Business View Process)


littlemanAfter we have discussed your plans for Google Business View, we will book a suitable date for your shoot to take place.

littlemanOur team will create Google+ and Google Places for you, if you don’t already have these. If you already have these then we will complete these to their fullest, helping your Business View Tour to be found more effectively through Google Search Engine.

littlemanWe will send your Business View Contracts to you to read and sign, before sending back to us. This isn’t that long though and we will fill out the vast majority for you.


littlemanOn the morning of the shoot we will call to give you an ETA (estimated time of arrival).

littlemanThroughout the shoot we will act as professional representatives of Google, with high levels of customer car and a friendly attitude.

littlemanEnsuring ALL key points of your business are covered, our Google Trusted Photographers will take both still and panoramic shots of your business location.


littlemanOnce your shoot is complete, our team of technicians will stitch your photo’s together online to create your virtual tour.

littlemanThis will then be added to Google through Business View, Street View and Maps.

littlemanProviding your grant us FTP access we can also add your Business View to your website.

littlemanWe will offer advice and support regarding various other platforms which you can add your Google Business View to. This includes the likes of Facebook, Google Places, and Google+ too.

Business View Quick Tips

Please see below some quick tips, where we look to make both your life and our lives much easier throughout the whole experience. Follow these and the overall process is sure to be a pleasant one:

  1. Make sure the rear and front of your building are clean and tidy if you wish to include these in the tour. All bins should be neat and adverts/posters should be removed if they won’t be relevant in the future.
  2. Make sure all windows are streak free by cleaning the inside and OUTSIDE. We can’t go in and clean them once your Business View is live.
  3. Make sure your interior area is grime free. Vacuum, mop and scrub every surface you can physically get to. This includes mirrors, tables, pictures and posters too, which you should look to straighten too before the shoot takes place. Again, we can’t amend any wonky frames once your Business View is live.
  4. Turn any computer/TV screens off, so that we don’t have to blur them out afterwards. The aim is to avoid any blurring so that your Business View Tour is as clean and sparkly as possible.
  5. Clean any target boards, or cover up if possible. This will avoid revealing all your business secrets, and again, will save any blurring once the shoot has taken place.
  6. Make sure your location is free from staff or people if you can, or if you want to showcase your well presented employees, please ensure they are appropriately dressed for the shoot. All faces will be blurred though, for obvious reasons.
  7. Make sure you check every room, corridor, and hallway for tidiness. Especially if they are going to be in the shoot.
  8. Anything else you don’t want the public to see should also be removed to save any unwanted blurring.

Follow these quick tips and we are certain your Google Business View Tour will be stunning, with a clean environment that looks totally spiffing once found online through your website and Google alike.

Social Media Management

social-hand1Socialise With Your Business View

Here at Business View we know what a commitment Social Media is. It can take up vital time in your working day to tweet, post and add. That’s why we can set you up with a Social Media package that we can manage for you. Your company’s social media channels all updated on a regular basis by us, aimed at getting your business noticed.

But why do you need social media?

The day to day use of social media has exploded in the last few years and today businesses rely on their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube accounts to make new business connections and attract more customers. Did you know that in 2012 a poll showed that 47% of small businesses with Facebook pages saw a significant amount of traffic go from their Facebook page to their websites, resulting in a higher growth of business. Even better 48% of those polled said a portion of the new visitors converted to paying customers. Social media is also a great way to generate traffic to your website. It has become one of the best forms of SEO for your businesses website. If you are confused about your social media or would like to find out more about how we can help please get in touch.

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